I just liked this, and wanted to share it.

source: german vogue.


bundles of ribbons & cage headdresses.

I just came across a  lovely Swedish label I didn’t know anything about.
So this is quite exciting.

The spring/summer 2010 range is full or bundles of ribbons and cage headdresses, beautiful neon paisley and brilliant suitcases. The best thing about it is they’re really experimenting a bit with the men’s wear. Which i always love, as i reckon there’s no were near enough range of mens stuff out there.

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RIP Alexander McQueen

After the shocking and devastating death of the legendary British designer Alexander McQueen, I felt it only right to pay tribute to him, as he has been a huge inspiration to me. I leave you with some highlights from my favorite collection of his; fall 2006.

If you want some more details and info on his death, go here. To see my blog on one of his most outstanding collections; Plato’s Atlantis, click here.

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vampire weekend

This pretty awesome band’s new album Contra, has got some fairly nice gems.

Right now, im listening to Cousins. The film clip is really great too. I love everything bout it.

louis vuitton garbage bag

There’s been a bit of controversy over this bag (as always in the fashion world). But i quite like it. Yes, you could say its making fun of all of those runway driven people out there who year after year bought the latest it bag, but personally, I just think its quirky and  creative.

Though, I’m not such a big fan of the $1,960 price tag..

It comes in brown too, just in case you’re wondering.

sole love.

Both Jeffrey Campbell.

i’m on it, get on it. the troops are on fire!

mmhm.. yep, that’s right, I went to kasabian!! 😀
and. it. was. brilliant!!
I’m a longtime fan of the British rock-indie band that have taken the music scene by storm. Allong with their West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum tour, they also participated in the 2010 Big Day Outs across Australia and New Zealand. If you’re interested in some more detail, I blogged on them a few months ago, so you can check that out here.
I thought I’d leave you with some snapshots.
You know, just to make you jealous..

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