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look of the day

Stunning use of of peachy-purple colours. The purple leather skirt teamed with a casual twist to the infamous blazer creates a fun and “thrown together” look. Loving the the red purse for added colour. Perfect choice of boots. a darker colour would have ruined this neutra and delicate combination of colours and tones.



I couldnt stand having something that outraged me so much as the first thing on my blog, so I’m posting some pretty pictures of nice things. This is a selection of garments from Thakoon’s collections from fall ’09 to spring ’10.

Moving to Omaha Nebraska at 13 years of age, Thakoon has been renowned for distinctive style, which is a blend of a number of different influences to create something feminine yet still chic. He shot to fame when Michelle Obama wore one of his creations when her husband, Barack Obama accepted the 2008 democratic nomination for president. I love the silhouettes colours he uses. His work is elegant yet has an underlying element of quirkiness.

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Plato’s Atlantis

Okay, so i’ve tried to write a nice cohesive, to the point yet descriptive little paragraph bout 5 times now, but nothing. So im just going to say; Alexander McQueen’s lates collection, Plato’s Atlantis, is amazing, stunning and jaw dropping (i know they mean the same but i just like the ring jaw dropping has to it). McQueen has astounding eye for colour, texture and intricate detail, which i personally am really inspired by. Take a look for yourself. To me, this mix of animal, jungle and futuristic styles is really intriguing. Apparently, McQueen was “casting an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world” he stated that “Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves.”

Though his prediction may be a little far-fetched, I love what he has created.


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summer reads

I always see or hear about books that sound brilliant, and I immediately decide i will read them (in the hours of spare time that I’ll magically find somewhere, of course) but each time, I manage to forget about them. Summer passes, and I’ve read Harry Potter for 8th time..

So, I’ve decided to be pro-active this summer. Im going to write a list. Lists are brilliant. I write them for almost everything. Seems a bit unfair if i don’t write one for books too. I plan to read the following over summer. Okay, maybe not all of them, but a least a couple.

Picture 3

Picture 4

And finally, because i feel I lead a deprived childhood without it;

They’re not in any particular order, just a general list.
Hopefully, i read at least one of these..

where did all the love go..?

ahh… kasabian.
what can i say..?

umm.. try BRILLIANT!!!

Im loving everything by this brilliantly talented UK rock-indie band. Formed in ’99 the band, lead by Tom Meighan, have released 3 albums since 2004.
Their most recent album is West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, and includes super tracks such as underdog, fast fuse & the infamous where did all the love go?

The group were considerably inspired and influenced by Madchester (a form of alt. rock developed in the 80’s in Manchester, England)
Not only is this grunge feel evident in their radical and nonconformist sound, but also in their look. Just check out the cover to their latest album.

I love the feel they give their songs, and they area great inspiration to me at the moment. I leave you with some shots of UK’s simply superb rock-indie band, Kasabian. enjoy.

Picture 1

Picture 3

Picture 5

Picture 4