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Out Of A Forest.

A stop motion short film, directed by Tobias Gundorff Boesen.

It’s quite beautiful. Watch it here.


warsaw pact.

new up coming band.
fucking brilliant.
love them all the way.

sounds like: british india, foals, children collide..

check them out here.

killer, whitley

vampire weekend

This pretty awesome band’s new album Contra, has got some fairly nice gems.

Right now, im listening to Cousins. The film clip is really great too. I love everything bout it.

i’m on it, get on it. the troops are on fire!

mmhm.. yep, that’s right, I went to kasabian!! đŸ˜€
and. it. was. brilliant!!
I’m a longtime fan of the British rock-indie band that have taken the music scene by storm. Allong with their West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum tour, they also participated in the 2010 Big Day Outs across Australia and New Zealand. If you’re interested in some more detail, I blogged on them a few months ago, so you can check that out here.
I thought I’d leave you with some snapshots.
You know, just to make you jealous..

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and the boys; angus & julia stone.

music love

one of my absolute loveliest, most prefered and favorite band of all time, that there ever was, in the history of the universe times a zillion is Angus & Julia Stone. So, when i heard Angus was embarking on an edgier solo side project and leaving his sister behind, i was devastated. However, i was finally persuaded by my brother to keep my mind open to new things no matter how upsetting the change may have been. So, I did. And the result… LOVE.

Lady of the Sunshine; Angus Stone & his band are amazing. Though they do not posses the same whimsical sound the original sibling duo did, alt. indie rock feel works wonders. A mix of easily listening tunes as well as a couple rocky ones, Smoking Gun, the debut album for Lady of Sunshine is 12 hit songs. Angus’ voice is as always stunning, and adds an element of folk to their rock/indie sound.

Personal favorites include Silver Revolver, Home Sweet Home and Daisychain.

For a more detailed review see faster louder.