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secret party

Lots of video posts, i know.

But i just seem to be in the mood recently. This is from the best tv show ever.



RIP Alexander McQueen

After the shocking and devastating death of the legendary British designer Alexander McQueen, I felt it only right to pay tribute to him, as he has been a huge inspiration to me. I leave you with some highlights from my favorite collection of his; fall 2006.

If you want some more details and info on his death, go here. To see my blog on one of his most outstanding collections; Plato’s Atlantis, click here.

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bloody brilliant

got a whole heap of lego blocks lying around? don’t know what to do with them? why not…… MAKE A KITCHEN?!?!

well, thats just what Parisian based designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti did. their innovative creation centres around an IKEA kitchen island, which they then spent a week over a week covering in more than 20,000 lego blocks!! fairly impressive if u ask me.

Pillard, who works with fashion house JC de Castelbajac, and Rosetti who works with Hugo Boss France Identity, formed Munchhausen in 2004. Following the recent hype bout their kitchen, the pair have gone on to contribute to a collection of T-shirts, cushions, wallpaper and accessories for the new French label Commune de Paris, 1871.