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devine bag.

how stunning is this beauty?!


double trouble.

Alice Dellal for the cover of New Zealand’s NO. issue 8. Photographed by Sam Crawford (amazing photographer. I admire him a fuck load). Love her look. but, particularly that hair.


I just liked this, and wanted to share it.

source: german vogue.

bundles of ribbons & cage headdresses.

I just came across a  lovely Swedish label I didn’t know anything about.
So this is quite exciting.

The spring/summer 2010 range is full or bundles of ribbons and cage headdresses, beautiful neon paisley and brilliant suitcases. The best thing about it is they’re really experimenting a bit with the men’s wear. Which i always love, as i reckon there’s no were near enough range of mens stuff out there.

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RIP Alexander McQueen

After the shocking and devastating death of the legendary British designer Alexander McQueen, I felt it only right to pay tribute to him, as he has been a huge inspiration to me. I leave you with some highlights from my favorite collection of his; fall 2006.

If you want some more details and info on his death, go here. To see my blog on one of his most outstanding collections; Plato’s Atlantis, click here.

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louis vuitton garbage bag

There’s been a bit of controversy over this bag (as always in the fashion world). But i quite like it. Yes, you could say its making fun of all of those runway driven people out there who year after year bought the latest it bag, but personally, I just think its quirky and  creative.

Though, I’m not such a big fan of the $1,960 price tag..

It comes in brown too, just in case you’re wondering.

sole love.

Both Jeffrey Campbell.