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double trouble.

Alice Dellal for the cover of New Zealand’s NO. issue 8. Photographed by Sam Crawford (amazing photographer. I admire him a fuck load). Love her look. but, particularly that hair.


Out Of A Forest.

A stop motion short film, directed by Tobias Gundorff Boesen.

It’s quite beautiful. Watch it here.

RIP Alexander McQueen

After the shocking and devastating death of the legendary British designer Alexander McQueen, I felt it only right to pay tribute to him, as he has been a huge inspiration to me. I leave you with some highlights from my favorite collection of his; fall 2006.

If you want some more details and info on his death, go here. To see my blog on one of his most outstanding collections; Plato’s Atlantis, click here.

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genius with a lense

I love it when i accidentally come across an amazing artist, who is adored by the world but whom I didn’t know anything about till now. I’ll admit, I sometimes feel silly, but then again, it’s just a reminder of the huge number of amazing, creative and exciting people there are out there. And this makes me happy. I think that the ability to express oneself, be it through art, photography, fashion, music, writing, film or anything is an priceless talent. Art makes the world and more beautiful and magical place. One worth living in.

My most recent find of pure creative genius is Terry Richardson. He had the ultimate childhood; playing in a rock band and spending his spare time taking photos around his neighborhood which just happened to be Hollywood. Since then, he’s grown a little and has some wrinkles. He’s also lensed campaigns for Gucci, Miu Miu and Chanel to name a few. If that wasn’t already enough, Richardson’s editorial work has appeared in French & British Voge, Harper’s Bazaar and the highly acclaimed Purple. The stars are lining up to model for him. Daniel Day Lewis, Mary Kate, Leonardo DiCaprio & Karl Lagerfeld just to name a few.

Here’s a shoot he did with Orlando Bloom and Agyness Deyn called Me & City Spring. I really like it.

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Iris Schieferstein

German artis, Iris Schieferstein is an “all-round artist”. She sculpts, paints and creates intruiging pieces of footwear. It was her most recent creation, Gun Hoof boots, which both outraged and engrossed me. I was dumbfounded that someone would actually make these and reassured myself that there was no way these would be real. No one would make such a shoe. But of course, I was wrong.
Schieferstein has used dead animals as the raw materials in her artworks for many years, and by joining different fragments, she creates “a new face to death”.

Why someone would want to walk around in a dead animals hoofs is beyond me. My blood was already boiling up at this stage, but once i saw her other artworks, it was simply too much. They’re grotesque and disturbing to look at.

Contrasting her 3dimentional work, Schieferstein’s paintings are not fabricated from fragments of animals, however they depict perturbing scenarios in which animals body parts have been incorporated into human figures.

What do you think?
Has she gone too far?
Have I over reacted??

beauty juxtaposed with aggressive colour and bold images.

This is Minjae Lee. He is a predominantly self-taught, 19 yr old artist from South Korea. Though he has not brken into the commercial market yet, his work is simply stunning and I immediatly fell in love. Particularly with his use of intrepid colours and images that grab ones attention immediately leaving views drawn into the world he creates. His work is at times dark and can be quite disturbing. There is a sense of fear and danger in his work, that causes views to contemplate whether it is the women in the images in danger or are they themselves hiding something..

Nonetheless, I love the colours and mix of media he uses. Ive posted below a couple of my favorites. Which kinda ended up being a large portion of his work, but i simply couldn’t choose.





































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