genius with a lense

I love it when i accidentally come across an amazing artist, who is adored by the world but whom I didn’t know anything about till now. I’ll admit, I sometimes feel silly, but then again, it’s just a reminder of the huge number of amazing, creative and exciting people there are out there. And this makes me happy. I think that the ability to express oneself, be it through art, photography, fashion, music, writing, film or anything is an priceless talent. Art makes the world and more beautiful and magical place. One worth living in.

My most recent find of pure creative genius is Terry Richardson. He had the ultimate childhood; playing in a rock band and spending his spare time taking photos around his neighborhood which just happened to be Hollywood. Since then, he’s grown a little and has some wrinkles. He’s also lensed campaigns for Gucci, Miu Miu and Chanel to name a few. If that wasn’t already enough, Richardson’s editorial work has appeared in French & British Voge, Harper’s Bazaar and the highly acclaimed Purple. The stars are lining up to model for him. Daniel Day Lewis, Mary Kate, Leonardo DiCaprio & Karl Lagerfeld just to name a few.

Here’s a shoot he did with Orlando Bloom and Agyness Deyn called Me & City Spring. I really like it.

Can I just add that Orlie looks absolutely stunning in this last one.

source: Avant-garde fashion photography. Photos by Terry Richardson.

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