Iris Schieferstein

German artis, Iris Schieferstein is an “all-round artist”. She sculpts, paints and creates intruiging pieces of footwear. It was her most recent creation, Gun Hoof boots, which both outraged and engrossed me. I was dumbfounded that someone would actually make these and reassured myself that there was no way these would be real. No one would make such a shoe. But of course, I was wrong.
Schieferstein has used dead animals as the raw materials in her artworks for many years, and by joining different fragments, she creates “a new face to death”.

Why someone would want to walk around in a dead animals hoofs is beyond me. My blood was already boiling up at this stage, but once i saw her other artworks, it was simply too much. They’re grotesque and disturbing to look at.

Contrasting her 3dimentional work, Schieferstein’s paintings are not fabricated from fragments of animals, however they depict perturbing scenarios in which animals body parts have been incorporated into human figures.

What do you think?
Has she gone too far?
Have I over reacted??

2 responses to “Iris Schieferstein

  1. I don’t think the shoes were designed to be worn. But people wear fur and have leather shoes and bags anyway without being phased by what they’re made of. This just puts it more into context because it’s not just ‘fur’ or ‘leather’ – it’s goat feet. It’s like the seeing is believing thing. People are almost desensitized when they’re not really sure what it is, but when they see the real thing it’s like a slap in the face.

    Patricia Piccinini has hybrid artwork too. Her art’s about bioethics and stuff. You should check it out.

    • i totally agree.
      but i just think, this with here other work.. i dunno.
      though, i have issues with stuffed animals and animal products..
      like deer heads.
      not a fan.

      yeah i know piccinini. shes quite amazing. also quite confronting, but in a different way i reckon.
      but anywho..

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